1. Diego

    can i link this google ads account to a merchant account i have?

    would you have google merchant accounts for sale?

  2. Mariia

    Hello there,

    I am writing you in reference to the advertisement you published.
    I would like to buy a couple of Google Ads accounts.

    It would be great if you could tell me what kind of accounts you have available (history on the accounts, pricing, etc.)

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  3. Arnaud


    I need a verified google ads account that already have clicks and impressions. I want to know if it is rechargeable.


    1. vccplus

      Yes Sir.
      clicks and impressions.


    Easy to transact and fast.my 7 google ads account .delivery thank you

    1. vccplus

      Thank You

  5. Karin

    good and instant i bought 1 adwords Account and everything worked

    1. vccplus


  6. Leghari

    Once you start, you can’t stop. vccplus.com is the one stop shop for all your google ads account needs! I personally love how easy the site is to navigate, and the variety of payment methods they accept make it super easy for me to get a google ads account right when I need it! 10/10 would definitely recommend this site to EVERYONE!

    1. vccplus

      Thank You, Sir

  7. Michael

    Received my 5 google ads account really quickly, was exactly what I paid for. google ads account from vccplus.com, would definitely recommend and shop here again in the future!

    1. vccplus

      Thank You, Sir

  8. Brad Kelly

    Used it twice so far to buy Adwords Account They are with RDP using my USDT and it worked perfectly. The best thing about it for me is how low the fees are 😁

    1. vccplus

      Thank You, Sir

  9. Terauna

    This is my go-to website for google ads account; I actually have the website on my homescreen. I have purchased Account on here many times and have never had any problems.

    1. vccplus

      Thank you for the nice comment

  10. Greesd Doper

    The account you provided worked well for me, your delivery time is very good, thank you

  11. vandeneynde

    very quick reliable and easy service

  12. Rosvik

    Instant speed and 100% of the time has it delivered the right Adwords Account. Good sh!t, thanks for not disappointing!

  13. Mario Leitao

    I’m very happy with how quickly I got the for the google ads account and that they actually worked.

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