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Buy Best Chrome Developer Card 2020 for Verification

For opening a chrome developer account in the Chrome web store, you’ll have to pay a small fee of USD 5. As long as you don’t pay the amount, you can’t start your career as a chrome web store developer. But you are in the right place if you are looking for a card to pay the fee.

We sell chrome developer cards in exchange for a few bucks. The cards can be used for paying the fee to chrome. The sufficient amount is inside the card. All you need to do is knocking us for the card and get it to finish the account opening process of the chrome developer account.
Interested? You’ll get more details below.

Details of our Chrome Developer Card
  1. Only for verifying Chrome Web Store Developer account
  2. The amount needed to pay is inside the card
  3. The card can be used only once
  4. The card will be sent to you through e-mail
  5. Can be used for any name, address, and country
  6. There is an expiry date of the card
  7. Estimated delivery time 2-3 working days
Things You’ll Get by E-mail
  1. 16 digits card number
  2. CVV
  3. Date of expiry
Things to Keep in Mind
  1. After it expires, you can’t use the card. In such a case, you won’t get a replacement or refund.
  2. You can’t use the card for the accounts of other sites. If any problem happens because of this, we are not responsible for that.

What are you thinking about? Knock us if you have any questions. And if you don’t have, knock us for the card. You’ll get it as soon as possible.

Price: $15.00


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